Sudan's Bashir is playing a dangerous game

The attempt of the Sudanese president to engage with rival regional interests in a bid to stay in power might fail.

21 May 2018 07:05

South Sudanese flee war to neighbouring countries

A meeting is held in Ethiopia to revive South Sudan peace, but people keep fleeing the violence.

18 May 2018 02:48

No gold rush for South Sudan

Gold is smuggled across the border and sold for a higher price, robbing South Sudan of its wealth.

02 May 2018 06:47

Abducted aid workers released in South Sudan

Ten aid workers kidnapped in South Sudan by opposition forces last week have been returned to the capital, Juba.

01 May 2018 05:26

UN raises alarm over fate of missing aid convoy in South Sudan

A convoy of 10 aid workers has gone missing in South Sudan, prompting concerns over the group's wellbeing.

26 Apr 2018 09:34

In South Sudan 'copyright laws do not exist'

Many South Sudanese artists are opting to have their works produced in other countries where there is copyright legislation.

24 Apr 2018 04:42

South Sudan requests to join Arab League

Egypt's foreign minister visited South Sudan's president in Juba.

13 Mar 2018 12:59

Sudan: Journalists released amid press freedom concerns

Sudan has not said how many journalists were arrested and human rights groups worry that more remain in unknown locations, without access to lawyers or loved ones.

24 Feb 2018 07:39

South Sudan officials may be guilty of war crimes: UN report

More than 40 South Sudanese officials may be guilty of crimes against humanity, the UN says.

23 Feb 2018 06:04

Damming the Nile: Explore with 360 video

Travel the length of the Nile with BBC News to find out how a new dam being built in Ethiopia is threatening to cause a serious rift with neighbouring countries Egypt and Sudan.

21 Feb 2018 12:55

Ex-Oxfam aid worker tells of sex assaults by colleagues

Charity says it will probe past claims as ex-worker describes alleged incidents in Haiti and South Sudan.

16 Feb 2018 09:20

South Sudan: More than 300 child soldiers released

The United Nations in South Sudan says 311 child soldiers have been released from armed groups in the war-torn country.

08 Feb 2018 03:54

Israel issues deportation notices to African migrants

Israel gives asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan 60 days to leave the country in first wave of deportation notices.

05 Feb 2018 04:12

Nile dam dispute: Troops mass on Sudan-Eritrea border

Tensions are heating up around the Nile as Sudan sends troops to the border with Eritrea at the same time that cordial meetings are being held to discuss damming the river in Ethiopia.

03 Feb 2018 05:03

Seeds of Inspiration: Sudan's First Flying Robot Farmer

Two Sudanese inventors use a drone to take on desertification and their rivals in a TV competition for entrepreneurs.

29 Jan 2018 01:36

Libya: Sudanese migrants held captive by smugglers freed

An armed group loyal to Libya's National Unity government says it has arrested a gang accused of kidnapping and torturing Sudanese migrants.

25 Jan 2018 08:43

War-hit children in S Sudan 'at risk of imminent death'

More than 250,000 children in war-torn South Sudan could die by July because of starvation, an UN official has warned.

20 Jan 2018 09:13

South Sudan's Kiir in Khartoum to discuss borders

President Salva Kiir's visit to Sudan is aimed at resolving border disputes, oil revenues, and security issues.

02 Nov 2017 07:25

Sudan's Forgotten Films

Two elderly men in Sudan race to save the national film archive, as reels of rare footage disintegrate in its vaults.

22 Oct 2017 02:08

South Sudan: Rebels return to capital as part of peace deal

JUBA, South Sudan (AP) — A delegation of South Sudan's rebels has returned to the capital after two years of exile to start implementing a peace agreement signed four months ago, officials said Monday. Fifteen members of a 150-person advance team landed ...

24 Dec 2015 10:36