Mike Pence starts Middle East tour amid Jerusalem anger

US vice president arrives in Egypt with shortened schedule after Palestinian president and others promise to snub visit.

20 Jan 2018 08:26

Egypt 2018 elections: Sisi expected to announce bid

While many are disillusioned with the leadership of the Egyptian president, real opposition is sparse and he is expected to be re-elected with ease.

18 Jan 2018 11:57

Talking heads: The emperor phenomenon

A look at the power Egypt's talk show hosts hold over their audiences and the truth behind the stories they spin.

15 Jan 2018 03:56

Eritrea, Egypt presidents meet amid Red Sea tensions

Afwerki meets his Egyptian counterpart in Cairo as tension between Red Sea region countries continues to rise.

11 Jan 2018 11:07

Qatar seeks international arbitration to end blockade

Foreign ministry spokesman announces moves after UN report condemns blockade by Saudi, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt.

11 Jan 2018 11:07

Turkey-based TV airs Egypt tapes on Jerusalem

Mekameleen TV airs tapes of Egypt official telling influential TV hosts to persuade viewers to accept US Jerusalem move.

08 Jan 2018 01:00

Egypt hosts 'told to convince viewers' over Jerusalem

New York Times says tapes it obtained reveal how intel official told hosts to persuade Egyptians to accept Trump's move.

07 Jan 2018 08:26

Putin joins Orthodox Christmas Mass

The presidents of Russia and Egypt joined worshippers at Orthodox Christmas Mass.

07 Jan 2018 08:26

Internet confusion after Egypt footballer wins Africa award

Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah's win as African Player of the Year 2017 is dividing some social media users.

05 Jan 2018 09:43

Egypt wants 'Sudan out' of contentious dam talks

Egypt has proposed cutting Sudan out of talks on the massive Nile River dam project, an Ethiopia newspaper has reported.

03 Jan 2018 03:59

The Papers: Briton in 'hell' jail and shoplifting 'boom'

The newspapers feature a mix of stories, including the sentencing of a British woman, who has been jailed for three years in Egypt for smuggling painkillers.

27 Dec 2017 10:29

Briton Laura Plummer jailed in Egypt for drug smuggling

Laura Plummer is jailed for three years after being accused of smuggling 300 painkiller tablets into Egypt.

26 Dec 2017 06:34

Al Jazeera's Mahmoud Hussein detained for one year

Egypt has extended Mahmoud Hussein's detention 10 times in one year, and he has still not been formally charged.

20 Dec 2017 05:36

UN Security Council to weigh resolution on Jerusalem

Egyptian draft resolution following Trump's declaration is unlikely to pass, facing a probable veto by the US.

18 Dec 2017 08:05

Mohamed Salah named BBC African Footballer of the Year

Egypt and Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah is voted the BBC African Footballer of the Year 2017.

11 Dec 2017 08:19

Mashrou' Leila: The voice of Middle East youth

Beirut-based Mashrou' Leila talks about their music and run in with the Egyptian government.

10 Dec 2017 04:11

Ibrahim Halawa: I woke up to the sound of torture

Irish national Ibrahim Halawa, who spent four years in an Egyptian prison, talks to Al Jazeera.

09 Dec 2017 08:39

Ahmed Shafik heads to Egypt after UAE deportation

Shafik plans to run in the 2018 Egyptian presidential elections, challenging current President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

03 Dec 2017 10:37

Sisi criticised over 'brute force' strategy in Sinai

Egyptian president's approach will lead to higher levels of oppression and more deaths, analysts say.

02 Dec 2017 08:24

'Respond with brute force': Sisi's narrative on Sinai

In the wake of the Sinai attack, is Egypt's media taking cues from Sisi's government? Plus, Mugabe's media legacy.

02 Dec 2017 08:24