The men and women who brought curry to Birmingham

The Bangladeshi pioneers that helped turn the curry into one of the city's favourite cuisines.

13 Jan 2018 12:20

Muslims in India's Assam anxious over citizen list

Amid state crackdown on immigration from Bangladesh, activists warn that thousands of Muslims may be rendered stateless.

31 Dec 2017 11:14

'I just want to see my mum'

Deen Mohammed Noori, a Rohingya, goes from Bradford to a refugee camp in Bangladesh to see his mum.

31 Dec 2017 01:11

Myanmar Rohingya crisis: UK medics to help tackle diphtheria

British medical staff are travelling to Bangladesh where diphtheria is affecting refugee camps.

28 Dec 2017 05:30

Mofiz Uddin has welcomed over 130 Rohingya onto his land

Mofiz Uddin has welcomed scores of Rohingya onto his land in Bangladesh.

28 Dec 2017 08:21

Rohingya: 500,000 unlikely to receive schooling in 2018

Humanitarian group warns of 'lost generation' as Rohingya refugee children in Bangladesh lack access to schooling.

25 Dec 2017 06:57

Rohingya crisis brings Turkey and Bangladesh closer

Turkey and Bangladesh, once at odds, are cooperating to bring aid to hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees.

22 Dec 2017 09:33

Trump wants tightened immigration laws after NYC attack

Trump says US must fix its lax immigration system after NYC bombing suspect named as 27-year-old Bangladeshi immigrant.

13 Dec 2017 02:18

New York Port Authority attack: Man held after Manhattan blast

A Bangladeshi man is being held after a blast wounded several people at Port Authority bus terminal.

11 Dec 2017 09:11

Rohingya refugees: 'I do not hope to return'

News of a preliminary repatriation agreement has sparked concerns among Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

25 Nov 2017 08:05

Rohingya must be consulted before repatriation

Bangladesh-Myanmar repatriation deal questioned in Malaysia amid ongoing violence and absence of security guarantees.

25 Nov 2017 08:05

Is it safe for Rohingya refugees to return to Rakhine?

Myanmar and Bangladesh have signed a deal to send Rohingya refugees back to Rakhine state. But is it safe to return?

25 Nov 2017 02:55

Malaysia: A Rohingya safe haven?

Vital aid provided to Rohingya displaced in Myanmar and Bangladesh, but little done to help refugees inside Malaysia.

23 Nov 2017 01:04

Myanmar, Bangladesh sign Rohingya return deal

Bangladesh signs deal with Myanmar to return hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees who fled recent army crackdown.

23 Nov 2017 01:04

Has Bangladesh's piracy amnesty been a success?

Bangladesh claims to have cleared the world's largest mangrove forest of pirates, but is it sustainable, asks Masud Khan from BBC Bengali.

19 Nov 2017 02:11

Rohingya women in Bangladesh face 'forced prostitution'

The BBC speaks to one woman who describes her horrific experience after entering Bangladesh.

13 Nov 2017 07:31

The Rohingya Exodus

What does the future hold for the Rohingya in Bangladesh, one of the world's poorest countries?

10 Nov 2017 12:29

In pictures: Myanmar's persecuted Rohingya minority

Photographer Salman Saeed met some of the 600,000 Rohingya fleeing Myanmar for camps in Bangladesh.

25 Oct 2017 04:17

The perilous flight of a Rohingya refugee

Laila, who is pregnant with two young children, describes the treacherous journey from Myanmar to Bangladesh.

25 Oct 2017 06:18

Rohingya running out of space to bury their dead

In the overcrowded refugee camps of Bangladesh, Rohingya refugees are running out of space to bury their dead.

25 Oct 2017 06:18