World Cup Qualifier: Ireland win in Super Sixes finale would secure World Cup place

Ireland will qualify for the 2019 World Cup if they beat Afghanistan on Friday following a surprise defeat for hosts Zimbabwe.

22 Mar 2018 11:05

Opium production in Afghanistan reaches record high

Despite US and international efforts to destroy poppy fields and opium production, unemployment and 16 years of war have driven an increase in both supply and demand in Afghanistan.

17 Mar 2018 01:08

Afghanistan: Blast in Kabul's Shia area kills at least seven

Officials say seven others wounded after suicide bomber blew himself up near a gathering of Afghanistan's Shia minority.

09 Mar 2018 06:28

Pakistan Taliban chief's son among 20 killed in 'US drone strike'

Son of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan chief Mullah Fazlullah killed along with 19 others in drone strike in Afghanistan.

08 Mar 2018 12:52

US lauds Afghan offer to open talks with Taliban

Washington welcomes President Ghani's proposal to open peace talks with the Taliban 'without preconditions'.

07 Mar 2018 10:54

Propaganda war between Taliban and Afghan government

Away from the bombs and the bullets, there is another war being fought in Afghanistan, one of propaganda and the winning of hearts and minds.

03 Mar 2018 02:14

Afghanistan: Suicide car bomber hits Kabul

At least four people have been wounded during a suicide bombing in the Afghan capital Kabul close to foreign embassies.

02 Mar 2018 06:51

Taliban: Doha office remains vital for talks

Comments come amid reports in Kabul news media of efforts by Afghan government to shut down armed group's Doha office.

28 Feb 2018 02:15

Afghanistan's minefields: Living amongst landmines

Afghanistan is one of the most heavily mined countries in the world, posing an ever-present danger to civilians.

27 Feb 2018 12:57

Smile! Postcards from Afghanistan's furthest corner

Meet people in the most remote part of Afghanistan, and find out why they are smiling.

25 Feb 2018 05:54

UNICEF: One million children die the day they are born

Pakistan, CAR and Afghanistan are the hardest hit as UN agency says the world is failing newborns.

20 Feb 2018 06:08

Civilian victims of Afghan war exceed 10,000 in 2017

At 2,295, suicide and complex attacks kill and injure more people than any previous recorded year in Afghanistan.

15 Feb 2018 02:45

Ashraf Ghani is not an ethnonationalist

I have known President Ashraf Ghani for a while and I see him as a unifying force in Afghanistan.

14 Feb 2018 05:48

US bombers halt the Taliban with no victory in sight

US and the Taliban are unleashing more violence to tilt the stalemate and favour their conditions at the table.

09 Feb 2018 01:28

Inside Afghanistan's only high security mental institution

Afghanistan has been at war for nearly forty years. The conflict has claimed over two million civilian lives and the cost to the nation’s mental health has been enormous.

08 Feb 2018 03:54

Afghanistan: US-led coalition expands bombing campaign

The number of Air Force missions in Afghanistan have been increasing under the Trump administration.

07 Feb 2018 10:10

Taliban suicide bomber kills Pakistani soldiers in Swat

Taliban claim attack at a military camp in Swat Valley, leaving at least 11 soldiers killed and 13 others wounded.

04 Feb 2018 06:40

Afghanistan: Ghani open to talks with armed groups

Ghani hints at possible reconciliation with factions of Taliban in a speech in Kabul in the wake of deadly attacks.

04 Feb 2018 06:40

A short history of Life - Afghanistan's lost magazine

Afghan aspirations - revealing insights from the pages of the lost lifestyle magazine that was sold in Afghanistan across five decades.

03 Feb 2018 03:27

US 'invested in a failed strategy' in Afghanistan

As US vows to fight the Taliban, experts and former diplomats say the US-led forces caught in a protracted conflict.

02 Feb 2018 04:26